Scammers using bribery to join your network

scammers comic

Yesterday I had someone like my post whom I had never known before. She then asked to join my network and because her profile looked suspicious I didn’t accept. She then unliked the post I guess in retaliation.

LinkedIn does a terrible job protecting people from scammers. I have reported many people to them who asked me to talk to them on Telegram, Whatapp, and other chat services and who wanted to “get to know me better”. It’s the next generation of romance scams in my opinion.

I frequently get people who claim to be something they are not want to connect with me on LinkedIn. I have tried other social platforms but found them a waste of time. LinkedIn is becoming more like those other social platforms each day and not in a good way. The scams that were there are coming here and it is becoming more of a waste of time. I probably have at least 1 Asian woman a week contacting me wanting to be “friends”.

It isn’t hard to know when someone is trying to scam you. They flatter you with compliments and attention and try to make you believe that they find you interesting and want to know about you. There is nothing to gain by doing this on LinkedIn. If someone comes across as anything less than professional I don’t want to have anything to do with them. Why would I risk my reputation with someone I don’t know? It doesn’t make sense in any way.

Do your best scammers, but you aren’t going to get me.

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