First real problem with Linux Mint

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I had my first real problem with Linux Mint today. In the update manager, I said install updates and it went through the process but still showed the updates as needing to be installed.

So I did what any real IT person would do. I restarted my computer. Guess what? It fixed it! The updates are gone from being listed as needing to be updated. That is the kind of problem that I like to have.

I was like “Oh yeah finally a problem with LM” when it happened. Now I can figure it out I thought to myself. To understand some things better at LM I have been reading at the LM forums. They are filled with helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable people. I appreciate that those people volunteer and share their knowledge with us new to this distro.

I was setting up the projector and getting the display to show like I wanted to take a little bit of configuration in Linux Mint. I didn’t understand that I had to modify the Linux system to have permission to load a proprietary NVIDIA graphics driver and once I did that it worked like a charm. Honestly, it is a strike against NVIDIA and I won’t be buying anything else from them. They have been a pain to deal with on both Windows/Linux platforms.

The other minor issues were just differences in the shortcuts used to do things. They are second nature to me now. I honestly prefer them to the Windows/Mac shortcut keys and they make intuitive sense which means that it will be easier for the average computer person to remember.

Did I do anything to cause the problem above with the update manager? Hmm, I have installed quite a few games on Linux so perhaps I went overboard there testing them out. I should probably delete those games that I don’t want to play. One of my favorites is called Kpatience. It is a way to play different card games and I like playing Klondike solitaire. You know the regular old card game that Windows used to have.

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I have two Linux Mint desktops. The original one that I installed on the old Windows 10 machine, and the one I am using on my main machine. This means that I get to run two update managers and see how they both perform. It is fun using both of them and seeing the difference in performance. I don’t use the smaller one as anything other than a secondary reader/notifier and so on. It is doing great. The fan never comes on and it hasn’t crashed either. It is such a pleasure to use multiple programs at once and not worry about crashing. It is a luxury that you quickly get used to.