Anyone else getting overwhelmed by random texts?

Friendship Bracelet
Friendship Bracelet
friendship bracelet

I got two this morning one right after each other. I deleted one and another one popped up. One just said “Hello” and the second one said, “Hi Kevin, long time no talk.” Well, my name isn’t Kevin and even if it was, I am not responding.

What was interesting is that the first one had the same prefix as me. I think they did that on purpose to get a higher rate of response to make people think that they might know them. Many people have said to me that they only recognize and answer calls in their area code.

No one gets a response from me by text. I said before I don’t trust text. There isn’t any reason I should respond to someone by text. If they want to talk to me they can call me. When people ask how they should contact me I say call/email me. If they don’t want to do that, then they don’t get my business.

You are an adult. You can choose what forms you want to be contacted with. I have said before that I think that involvement with LinkedIn is getting shadier by the year. When I get more garbage than useful information then I will cut the LinkedIn cord. It’s strange how people pollute places that used to have useful information. There was a time in LinkedIn history when you weren’t contacted by scammers. Sadly that day is long past.

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