I can control the weather

Raining Comic

That’s what one of my mentors said to me and I didn’t know if she was crazy or a genius.

I think she was a genius and I believed her. She taught science and she was the most logical person I ever met. She was also a mentor and taught me many things that were so useful to me. I appreciated her wisdom and experience.

Still when she told me that I didn’t know what to think, controlling the weather sounded crazy, but I didn’t know everything and perhaps it might be possible. For example, some cultures like the Cherokee believed they could make it rain with certain dances. Perhaps they did. I don’t know the truth of things and I don’t know of a way to test that claim. I do know that everything that mentor said was true, and if anyone found out how to do it she could have.

Raining Comic
raining comic

Why am I sharing this with you? Often in life, we are told things that sound impossible. We can be a skeptic and not believe it, or we can be a fool and believe everything. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. Some things are true, and things that we can’t conceive of are easily the most true. Our minds are so small compared to the vastness of space and time. It is also true that we need to examine our beliefs critically, and not believe in something because we wish to believe in it. That is a deception of the most painful kind.

It doesn’t matter if you think she is crazy or not. What matters in life is what we do with what we are told. I had nothing that I could do with that information. I didn’t seek to control the weather. I am glad she achieved that, but for me, I had bigger fish to fry. To me, if what they believe doesn’t harm themselves or others, I have no problem letting them believe it. If it does hurt themselves or others, and I care about them as a friend, then I might have a conversation to try to understand their thinking. However this is not required, and some people aren’t ready to change when you want them to.

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Often being there and just being happy is enough for people to come around to your beliefs. If they don’t, then they can suffer with their own beliefs. We can love others by being happy and letting them make mistakes until they are ready to learn. That is what my mentors did for me. I had to learn the hard way that they were right, and I don’t doubt them now.