AI tag writing disappointing

ai cavemen comic

I tried an AI tag writer before I came up with my new site name. It was disappointing.

I didn’t just try one I tried six of them. With different words, the same words, and different tactics. They just took a well-known catchphrase and substituted your words in it. Not AI at all.

Lots of companies are slapping the AI name on all kinds of stuff to see if it can make more money. I tried some sites also to make a different site icon but even though they said AI-generated, there was nothing original or new about it. They wanted me to sign up and give me my email which I wouldn’t do for that junk they offered.

AI can be an exciting thing when it is creative. Right now it is transparently copying. I read a study that had people testing its sense of humor and it only had 25 jokes that it could tell. That doesn’t show Intelligence that shows a BS attempt to pretend to be clever.

One of the claims of AI is that it helps with idea generation. It certainly did. My best idea for using it was turning it off.

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