AI images are preventing people from knowing the truth

AI intelligence comic

I’m watching a training video right now about how to work with DALL-E. It is interesting that is so tightly integrated in ChatGPT.

Earlier I shared that image creation was being added to many apps. It is part of Elementor and it created a nice image very easily. Much faster and easier than doing an image search, downloading the pic, and then adding it to what I was working on. Built-in image generation is probably going to put photographers out of work, which will be to our loss.

AI intelligence comic
AI intelligence comic

Now you have probably seen some interesting artwork by AI. It is derivative of course and I can’t say I am impressed. I think when we surrender our artistic ideas to machines we all suffer. For example, when I was younger one of the music groups I liked was called Yes. They had very imaginative artistic album covers and at the time that was stunning to me. I appreciated the art as much as the music.

With AI what I see is unreality pretending to be real. I am not fond of artificial images. It may look nice but there is no real human connection. What we are doing is moving from reality to fantasy, and I don’t think that helps us as a society. We need more reality as a society, not being further manipulated by people who don’t wish for our well-being. For example, AI is being used for deep fakes and lies. It is trying to twist the truth by creating photos/videos that aren’t true. There is a big difference between using AI for things we know are fantasy and those that are being perpetrated as reality.

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Since AI has been available Snopes has been busy debunking photos/videos. Multiple times a day they have answers to things that are circulated in social media that are untrue. We lose the ability to make rational decisions when AI images/videos are perpetrated as the truth.

We need to clearly show when things are AI-created and when they are not. Otherwise, we lose the ability to function as rational people.