ChatGPT is going to have to answer to European companies

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ChatGPT doesn’t have the transparency that European companies needed. 

Isn’t it funny that when the US system fails to rein in companies, European law and companies force them to do what is customer-friendly? I love that.  I love when people’s rights are protected not because of the values of our system, but because of the values of others.

Open Ai Image Processing
open ai image processing

Every day if we are honest we see the shortcomings of capitalism. Companies that aren’t transparent don’t inspire the trust of their customers. Customers who feel that their needs are taken care of will help boost the reputation of the company that helped them. Today for example I drove 30 minutes longer to go to a UPS store that had better service and parking than the closest one. Then because the two workers were working so hard I gave them a tip to show them that their customers appreciated their hard work. I couldn’t believe how fast they were. I was talking and working with one and when I looked up the other worker had taken care of the 5 people behind me in line. It was amazing.

This is the UPS store that I went to drop off and mail the MSI computer that I wrote about earlier. I packed it well and they used extra tape to make sure that everything stuck together. I was so pleased with how it all worked out. I was in and out in under 10 minutes and that was 5 minutes standing in a long line when I arrived. Also, the store felt cold and improperly heated so I am debating if it would help to complain about that. I don’t want those workers to be taken advantage of. One of them was warmly dressed which makes me think this is an ongoing issue.

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So much hidden “black box” stuff in the world. I am glad that the EU is forcing OpenAI to be transparent.