AdSense is working but can you survive doing it?

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Adsense is working on this site now. I also installed a plugin called Advanced Ads because I wanted more control over it and I like the feedback on how much it is earning.

I have had it running for two hours and it said I have made $1.70. Given that there are roughly 730 hours in a month, or 365 divided by two hours (since that is the earning period) so that means I could make roughly $620 per month based on this traffic so far. Now that isn’t enough to retire on, but it is interesting.

I have read that some people have made thousands of dollars based on Google AdSense. If I got up into those numbers I would start giving money away since it would pay for my modest needs. This could actually work for people.

On a yearly basis that would be about $7000 which is below the standard for poverty for one person. That standard is about $14,000. However, with social security, this could be enough to survive for one person. I wonder if the future social security will be people giving away content to pay for ads so that they can survive. I hope not.

To me, this system is based on a starvation mentality. Let’s starve people and not pay them adequate pay for their energy and intelligence so that they can overproduce so that third parties can benefit from the content. When youtube channels get demonetized at Google’s whim, it seems incredibly risky to model your business on Google’s goodwill.

I think affiliate marketing sucks. I no longer watch youtube videos that say they have sponsored content. I just don’t trust salesmen. I don’t blame you if you don’t read me anymore. You might feel I will do or say anything to get impressions. I won’t, but you don’t know me and I can respect that.

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Good content is rare, and supporting authors who improve people’s lives seems the foundation of what society needs to succeed.