YouTube is lying to you telling you that you can’t play this video

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I had YouTube lie to me many times these past few days. I will click on a link to watch a video and a screen will load that says “Your Browser is unable to play this video” and then there is a link below it. When I click on that link for more info it says that I have to use Chrome, Edge, or something else. If I press reload, the video plays just fine.

YouTube is lying. If refreshing the video fixes the issue, then this was just a random thing they were doing that didn’t cause problems at all. I think it is because I am using Brave and blocking their ads, so they think they will get me to switch to something that helps track me better. I don’t think so, buddy.

It could also be because I am using OpenSuse Linux or just Linux in general. They may be throwing up some additional incompatibility to make it painful for people to continue. As I said before, when YouTube is a pain, I will drop it and do something else. There isn’t any content on YouTube that I need that I can’t find somewhere else. Some other sources like DailyMotion have videos that YouTube doesn’t have.

Google is being deceitful here in many ways. They have a Chrome OS which says that you can work completely in the browser and then on a platform they control, they are making it so you can’t work in a browser. Does that sound fair to you? Google says they will do no evil, but time has shown that is marketing and not reality isn’t it?

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YouTube is the last Google thing that I use. I am slowly transitioning away from it and exploring other alternatives. What is easy for us to do is not always what is helpful.