Your feelings are not reality

feel good comic

I had to tell a friend recently that their feelings are not reality.

feel good comic
feel good comic

People want to believe that their feelings are reality. They are not, but it takes a failure in their worldview to change their conviction. I know because I experienced this as well.

In the past, I believed things because I wanted to believe them, and in time it turned out that what I believed wasn’t true. At the time it seemed like the right decision, but I made a mistake and then realized it. I made lots of mistakes in my life, but I am fortunate to realize when I have made one and then correct it.

Yet many people feel something and live the rest of their lives wrong. This is not my opinion this is an objective reality. People will claim things that aren’t true and can be proved false like the earth is flat and will argue until they have no more energy to argue. What has happened is that people have forgotten about logic and facts, and want to believe what they want to believe.

I run into this all the time when I help clients or just in daily life. People are convinced that they have the truth, and when you try to explore the reasons why they believe as they do, you find it is often emotional. They have no facts to back up their assertions, and when that is clear, they just get more emotional. Listen it’s okay to make a mistake in your beliefs, but when someone is helping you discover them at least have an open mind.

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When people want to believe something I don’t argue. I don’t have to convince someone of reality. People can live in whatever fantasy world they want. Everyone is punished by beliefs and ignorance, and it is sad but some people would rather not change than grow. I would love to be proven wrong 1000 times a day because it means I am getting closer to the truth and letting go of what is ignorant.

Being ignorant is a full-time job. You have to actively work to stay ignorant. Even lazy people can learn things from the news and from passive sources of information. Yet people read facts and fail to think about them. They fail to see how they contradict their views and just glaze over them like they are nothing. We have the chance to be happier and yet we value laziness over growth. I will never understand that.

You can believe whatever you want, but what you think, feel, and believe is not reality and never was.