Young Justice on HBOMax is a touching series

young justice lineup

I stayed up late last night to catch up on Young Justice because it was so compelling.

Why was it compelling? It sensitively handled many controversial and difficult topics. I learned things that I didn’t know about Islam, death of a loved one, women’s rights and more. It wasn’t just a cartoon about nothing, it had a message without being preachy. I was really impressed how it offered a message of hope and peace, which is so needed now.

One of the things that I liked most about this is that the relationships are natural and the situations are realistic. Well as realistic as fantasy super powered beings can have. One of the touching things that was said in an episode was “One of the hardest things for super powered people to learn is that sometimes you can’t do anything and terrible things happen.”

What I have seen in life is that often terrible things happen and good hearted people want to do something to help. This is admirable, but the next step is where good hearted people fail. Instead of asking people what they need, they do things that might make things worse. The single best way I have found to hep others is to ask “How can I help you?” It sounds so simple but it makes a world of difference. Instead of looking at the situation through your eyes, you start to look at the situation through theirs.

Life is hard and we all face disappointment and loss. However many times we can also feel joy and happiness and we can feel both of these and still be ok. I was really invested in the lives of these characters because they are the lives that we all are living now. Dealing with loss, trying to find a way to manage the stresses that are put upon us. It was healing to watch the show, knowing that there are people who can help us no matter what problem we face.

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