You are more than you think

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You are more than you think, and you are definitely more than your job.

It always surprises me how often people feel bad about themselves because of their job situation. I once was like this but learned that your employment has nothing to do with your value. Let’s break this down a bit.

Rich people often say that they have earned their wealth. That they deserve it. Then the attitude is if you have the money you have earned it. If you are poor then you are lazy or have some other problem that prevents you from being rich. I dislike intensely the prosperity gospel that says that god gives you money based on your religious faith. This is not about religion but about your own self-worth.

Let’s suppose for a minute that it was true that we were only supposed to identify with our jobs. What would that mean for the work we put into our relationships, or community and our relationship to nature? Is that all meaningless? Is capitalism all we have left as a society?

We have seen that capitalism has caused global warming, unfettered greed, and the untold suffering and pain of all of humanity. I don’t propose to have a solution, but what we have been doing isn’t working and making things worse for everyone.

It is well known that inequality is the biggest danger in our future and climate change. What are we doing each day to address that? Are we identifying with structures and jobs that are destroying our very ability to live? Wouldn’t it make more sense to consider the future and to ask ourselves if the only meaning in our life is to serve your own narrow interests?

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It is your life and you can do whatever you wish. When people die they wish they had been more generous, less concerned about money, and spend more time with those they love. Will you have regrets in your final hours?