Would you consider making less money that you are currently making?

recruiters comic

I am not kidding. This is what a recruiter once asked me.

I told him that the job was not in the right range for me and he asked what I needed and I said X. X was $15 an hour more than he first offered. Then he responded, “Would you consider making less money than you currently making? It has a great culture.” I said no. I don’t go backward in salary. He said I was a great fit and would submit me at my rate and see what happens.

recruiters comic
recruiters comic

I have noticed that companies will often pay more for a job than they are willing to let their recruiters admit. If not, then I don’t want to work with a company that undercuts a person’s experience and investment in their education. Companies say they are hurting for workers and the major reason is that they don’t want to pay people what they are worth.

One of the things that surprised me in the past was that some hiring managers said that I had undervalued my skills. That I should be making more than I was making. That is always nice to hear. So they increased my salary when they hired me. I am not focused on money because I am greedy, but because that is normal or what someone of my experience makes. The fact is that companies make far more money from each employee than they pay them, otherwise they wouldn’t have a profitable business. Whatever salary a company wants to pay me is justified.

This is not to brag but rather to share that we often undervalue ourselves. We think because of the competition that we have to be lower. This is a mistake. We offer unique things that the competition does not. Each of us is different and unique, and in some positions, we can make contributions far above what another less fit person without our unique skills can make. Don’t deny your uniqueness and value.

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In life, some people appreciate you, and those who don’t. Try to find people who appreciate you.