Working in a hybrid environment

hybrid comic

Working in a hybrid work/office environment is interesting. There are lots of pros/cons.

I am not here to convince you one is better than the other. I don’t care what you believe. The point of sharing this is to just explore this hybrid work idea and does it make sense.

If working in the office was the best then why were so many people able to work from home? If working at home was the best, then why do extroverts crave to be back in the office?

I think it is pretty clear that decision-makers are extroverts and prefer that kind of work style. In my profession in IT, most of the people I meet tend to be more of an introvert. I am in the middle. I can be either so I feel the pull of each environment.

What is the safest? Clearly work from home? What gives you a boost to your career? Probably working in the office. People like people who are like them, and when a boss likes you you get opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise get. If you are looking to grow in responsibilities, working in the office is probably a better choice.

Working from home, I think will get people pigeonholed into what is comfortable and not wanting to grow. I often see in business people who are comfortable and resist change. Those people always cause problems for the business to move forward. They are stuck in the past, and they often cause problems for IT people. IT people have to love change because that is the reality of IT.

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I think being adaptable is the easiest way to get through life. Not overly identifying with one particular mode or another of working or thinking. You can certainly believe whatever you like, but 99% of us are wrong in our opinion when we research it.

Be challenged to be productive at work, or comfortable at home? What do you prefer?