Things get better as you use them

process improvement comic

I realized that some things in my life have gotten better as I have used them. For example, the car I have.

The car was used and when I bought it it was about 5 years old. It was better than the other car I had which was 10 years older than the first car. I thought it was fine and so I have used it for many years. In that time things have broken and they have been repaired the car drives even more smoothly. I mention this because I just had a car repaired and the car drives better than ever.

Your decision-making improves as you use it. I am making decisions that are more helpful to my happiness and health than I used to make before. You learn that certain things don’t work for you and you change and grow.

Software that you use to do your job. Popular software often continues to evolve and get better. There are some really nice features that make things easier for people and that is really welcome to see developers thinking in this way.

Tools that you use to do your job. Since I work in IT computers continue to advance in so many wonderful ways. Besides being faster, they are quieter, cooler, and sound wonderful. I am so grateful to be alive in this time period where I can enjoy this level of technology.

The environment you do your job in. Food generally has gotten more varied and sustainable. I love that I can create electricity and that as a society we are moving to a more sustainable way of living. We have many challenges ahead of us as a society but we know what we have to do and working on it. How exciting is that?

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