Working from office helps people get better jobs at other companies

Wfh Comic

Much interesting information is coming online with this report Does working from home boost productivity? We’re starting to get answers

One of the things that caught my eye was this:

During the pandemic period, the close-together workers had higher quit rates. The better training allowed them to score better paying jobs, the researchers theorized.

Of course, this would happen. Do you think that lowly paid workers would be loyal to a company that forced them to come to the office? The idea that everyone wants to come to the office was a fiction from HR/management. This was never the case. People need flexibility, now more than ever.

Wfh Comic
WFH comic

The report doesn’t offer any firm answers. It rightly says that knowledge workers’ production is hard to quantify and value. One of the things that was said in the WFH debate in the past is that if you aren’t in the office, they will forget about you. This just isn’t the case. Hybrid is here to stay, and eventually, it will become remote. Plenty of remote jobs exist and companies are discovering that knowledge workers can be the key force multipliers and cost savings on their teams.

Everyone will do what is in their self-interest. Companies will seek the cheapest workers, and the report said the cheapest workers are those who already have the skills. I think this is part of why companies are not paying for training for existing workers. They think that they can get more loyal workers by paying more skilled workers. This just isn’t the case. If someone has options, and those companies will pay more why would they stay with you? You have to offer them something more.

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An earlier article showed that CEOs have given up on the RTO movement for the most part. Most CEOS accept that people need flexibility in their lives. Many companies save money by doing this. Many employees work extra hours because they aren’t commuting. This is tremendous for companies that are small or starting up and need to minimize costs. No one solution fixes everything.

WFH is never going away. Accept it, decision makers.