WordPress update today and Rocket.net made my site faster

gtmetrix and rocket.net screenshot

WordPress had a major update today so I tested it on Gtmetrix.com and it made my site faster.

gtmetrix and rocket.net screenshot
gtmetrix and rocket.net screenshot

As you can see, it is fully loaded in 0.2 seconds! That is at the edge of what you can perceive.

I said before that the combination of Rocket.net, WP Rocket, and playing around with the settings of WP Rocket enabled this. This is because of many technologies. There is a CDN, image compression, efficient HTML, Redis caching and so much more.

There is no reason to have a slow WordPress site. No reason at all. This is not just in North America but worldwide because of the CDN. Isn’t that incredible? You can have a worldwide audience and not worry about the old limitations of marketing.

Before the WordPress update, I was only getting a fully loaded site in 0.3 seconds.

Using Elementor on Rocket.net is a winning combination.



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