Without hope you can not start the day

without hope you can not start the day cd cover

Every day I get up I have hope that things will get better. Certainly, there are always reasons to fear and good reasons we should fear them, but ultimately things do improve. Why do I believe in this optimistic attitude? It has been my reality and that of others that I have seen.

Yes, life is hard and unfair. Yes, people die every day and others have lives that are full of unnameable horror. However it is also true that taken as a whole, life has gotten better for many people in the world and we need to recognize that as well. Many countries like India that have tragic poverty are becoming economic and cultural powerhouses that even challenge the United States at times. It isn’t just the standard of living that is improving around the world, but also our ability to solve those problems.

We have more technology and money being spent on research than at any other time in the past. It isn’t a matter of technology that prevents us from solving our problems but lifestyle. For example, the health obesity problem in the US experts say is caused by the lifestyle of US Citizens. Clearly, we can change our lifestyle, it just is easier not to. I wonder why we can be so willfully ignorant of the consequences of our long-term actions.

Most importantly what is the point of living if we can’t enjoy and help others? So I choose to start the day with hope.

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