Windows 11 unwelcome update process

Microsoft Comic

When I opened up the closed laptop case this morning I did not expect to see the Windows 11 update process had happened. I did not start it last night and I did not realize it could run when the lid was down and presumably the hibernation mode was on.

I just checked the lid power settings in the Control Panel and the computer was set to sleep. How odd. It must have been that the updates had already been downloaded and applied and then opening the computer was waking from sleep and the update process occurred. I like having updates automatically apply, but I don’t like what happened once this occurred.

Microsoft Comic
Microsoft comic

If Windows had just applied the updates, this wouldn’t be an article. What bothered me was what they did next. They went through more of the Out of the Box experience once again trying to sell their products and change how you use the computer. They took this opportunity to push their agenda which doesn’t help anyone. If the person cared they would have answered the questions already. I don’t like that Microsoft will annoy customers with pop-ups asking them to change their behavior to use Microsoft products more.

I have seen this regular unnecessary dialog after updates are done and considering that updates are done every month this is a big time waster for any Windows users. Of course, it can be suppressed, but by default, it shouldn’t have to. Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot here. People will go to other OS if they feel they can’t control the behavior of a computer they paid money for. Why are you doing this Microsoft?

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