MSI screen artifacts were due to screen scaling in Windows 11

Mission Impossible Comic

I spoke earlier about screen artifacts that I saw on my MSI computer screen in Windows 11. I turned off screen scaling and I haven’t seen those issues since.

To test, I lowered my resolution as well so that I don’t need to use scaling to see the text. I thought this would cause problems for games, but so far working with it without games has been perfect. I will test the game compatibility later tonight but I don’t expect there to be an issue.

Mission Impossible Comic
Mission Impossible comic

The reason I had concluded this is that I had never used scaling before on Windows so I didn’t have any experience with it before I got this new computer. With my old computer, I had a lower resolution but since I was trying to play 4k games, and the suggested default was a 4k resolution that’s what I chose. It makes sense, but it causes problems to use scaling and it warns you of that when you do it. I figured it had to do with the switching between the two installed video cards, and the MSI hybrid way of working with dual GPUs.

Now this was great news for me and I was so excited when I didn’t see the funny screen corruption/tearing and other odd things that would happen. I will never use scaling in the future because it makes the graphics less reliable. I had an IT mentor who used to tell me to always do the K.I.S.S principle. Keep it simple stupid. It makes sense, and it is always something I have tried to apply in my IT career/personal experience.

If this is happening to you, I hope this helps. Good luck this blog post will self-destruct in 10 seconds.

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