Why people don’t like recruiters

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Lots of reasons that people don’t like recruiters. Let me share with you two reasons that recruiters repeatedly fail.

This week I had a recruiter reach out to me and I responded by saying WFH and his next email was this is only on-site. This wasn’t a discussion, this is my standard.

Today I had a recruiter suggest a remote job for a salary that was way too low. I said it was too low and he asked what my expectations are. I said that in NYC the law says that companies must have a range, and his next response was not the range but I will let you know if I get something in that range.

I have shared that I get many recruiters reaching out to me, and while it is a compliment I guess, it is also a burden when most of them do not even look at my LinkedIn profile. This week I have said WFH to more than 50 recruiters who wasted their time writing me a response and offering me anything than WFH. It just doesn’t make sense. I am so much more productive at home. Any company too stupid to see that doesn’t deserve me working for them.

In fact, if you are a company and you don’t offer your workers WFH they will find someplace that does. There are just too many opportunities for employment. This is not a humblebrag, but rather many, many people I have read online and talked with are controlling their career in a way they never felt they could in the past. They are saying no to companies that want to use them with low pay, terrible conditions, and unreasonable demands.

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This week I had a recruiter offer me a position that guaranteed me 40-hour work weeks, and if I didn’t work 40 hours they would pay me for 40 hours. What is the catch? That you had to be available anytime 24/7. No amount of money is worth having to wake up during the night to handle a problem. Or the medical issues that cause by not getting enough sleep. Or the lack of the ability to rest because you are on call 24/7. I did a 24/7 job once and I would never do it again. It was terrible and no amount of money was worth it.

Recruiters look at the person’s LinkedIn profile, please. You are wasting our time and lives with your laziness.