Why is so hard to respect your customers?

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Twice this morning I was disrespected, and I don’t understand why this hostility exists.

The first was a recruiter I told I wasn’t interested in. He then called me and I said I wasn’t interested again. If we say we aren’t interested in a job, we mean it.

The second was a company that changed their product so radically it was useless to me. I tried it out and not only did it not do what it used to do, it introduced a new level of complexity to the process. People want simple tools, not complex ones. I told that company that they ruined their tool and that I was no longer going to be a customer.

I used to love that tool. I even wrote to the developer and offered to pay to fix a bug that was irritating me. They wrote back and said they set the development schedule and not their customers. That is true, but it wasn’t the customer-friendly thing they could have said. They could have said “Thank you for the positive feedback on our product. It is on our roadmap to fix our bugs, and we are looking at a new version next year time frame. Your concern will be addressed then.”

As far as the recruiter, if your customer says no there is no next step. You can’t change someone’s mind no matter how clever you think you are. If someone doesn’t respect the boundaries that I put up, then I don’t want to deal with them. I will never deal with that person again. The lack of accepting boundaries is a red flag that I always stand up against.

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