Why is looking for a dollar more important than looking for the truth?

moment of truth comic

We look for money as though our happiness is dependent on it. Research shows that over $75,000 additional money doesn’t make people dramatically happier.

Money has never made my life happier. Buying things clearly doesn’t bring us happiness, no matter how desperately we want to believe it does so. We know what brings lasting joy but don’t want to do it. We don’t want to face the truth and would rather live a shallow lie.

This is why we see people follow things that are so hypocritical and unreal. We try to create a bubble of unreality around us with entertainment and distractions. How often do we listen to others, explore their point of view, or change as a person?

For most of us, this is optional so we don’t do it. Then something in life happens and we don’t have a choice but to change. It is no different and no less pathetic than a drug addict, who once reaching the bottom realizes that he needs to change his life. Wouldn’t it be easier and better for everyone if we changed before we absolutely were forced to change?

I see this calcification daily. I work with companies that would rather die than change their process. “We have always done it this way.” Then a hacker gets in, and they are like “Let’s continue doing what we are doing.” I can’t understand it.

We educate ourselves, and get certifications that we forget, and why? To get a bigger paycheck. Rather than learning for the joy and mind-expanding value of learning, we only do it for an external reward and then forget what we learn. Almost everyone that I have worked with has forgotten what they have learned, and their education and certifications are useless. Yet the boss says they are worth more and get a bigger salary? Isn’t this nuts?

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We have a unique opportunity to make our life easier and that of our fellow man easier when we apply what we learn and remember it. I don’t see the will to remember, and that’s why I don’t think most people value the truth. If you don’t remind yourself of the truth, you are bound to forget it.