Why does interviewing have to be so rude?

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I had an interview once where the company was straight-up rude to me. I do not let other people determine how I react, so I was patient and kind but next time I won’t be.

The two interviewers took turns insulting me. They asked questions that obviously, they didn’t care about since they scheduled my interview. They were told the wrong information about salary by the recruiter who approached me and gaslighted my experience and knowledge. They also hid critical details about it being a remote role that requires on-demand travel. If WFH people don’t want to commute to an office, how likely do you think we are to want to travel?

My wife who was there listening was amazed at how rude they were. I was used to rude interviewers and didn’t think much of it. The entire hiring process is hostile. Between being ghosted, treated rudely when interviewed, and subjected to countless pointless demands, I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to work. If you are abused before you even work for them, what is the environment when you do work for them?

Here is a list of the countless pointless demands companies have asked from me: My high school transcript, personality and intelligence tests, free consulting advice on hypothetical “situations”, and preferences for a protected class status such as religion, age, nationality, purchase of product/service from them.

What is also fun is being gaslighted by recruiters. When you mention that you don’t want to work for them due to low glassdoor or other review site ratings, they say something like “Only unhappy employees write there. You can’t trust that.” Oh and I can trust you someone I never knew before? Trust is earned, not given because of your age or title.

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The next time someone treats you disrespectfully or mentions a nonnegotiable item that they hide from their listing just interrupt and say “Thank you for your time, but this position is not right for me. Good luck finding the right candidate.” I wish I had.