The real meaning of what interviewers say to you

determined dog comic

I thought it would help if I do some translation of what the real meaning is when interviewers say things to you.

Business cartoon about job search. Businessman dog answers that his best trait is that he digs for answers. His worst trait is that sometimes he buries them.

You are overqualified for this job – We don’t want to pay you and you might make your boss feel insecure about their job.

You don’t fit with our company culture – We need someone who is more needy and desperate and that isn’t you.

We found someone who is more aligned with the job – Someone told them what they wanted to hear, not the truth about their delightful position.

We value social time after work and we work hard and play hard – They want you to be one of the gang and be an extrovert like them.

We need someone with a college degree – They don’t know that the biggest and most successful companies have dropped the degree requirement.

We need someone committed to the job and will be in the office each day – They don’t trust their workers and need to supervise them.

We are looking for rockstars – We want to give you paper instead of a decent salary and don’t care about your education.

We want someone who can be a leader – They need someone to take the fall for past bad decisions. When you are a leader then you threaten others leadership.

We need multiple rounds of interviews up to 10 to make sure we are making the right decision – No one wants to take responsibility for a hire.

We are looking for someone who is just starting out – Doesn’t want to pay what it takes to do the job successfully.

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We need someone who is a specialist but can be a generalist when assigned – They don’t know what they want.

We promote from within – You don’t have a chance of getting promoted since it will be a friend or family member who gets the job.

We believe in equality and fair play – When a company has to say they act ethically like Google they don’t. Google just hired outsourced people. Do no evil indeed.