When things get hot you need this

fire extinguisher screenshot

When things get hot you need this. I have always had a fire extinguisher where I live. It just makes sense.

You may say to yourself, but I live in a place that has built in sprinklers in the ceiling. I have too, but I still bought a fire extinguisher. It is cheap insurance to prevent myself from being more toasty than I want.

This one costs about $75 but is a high quality unit. I have bought smaller units before but as I get older I want something that is more substantial. I also find that some companies seem more reliable than others, and it has been a learning process in the extinguishers that I have purchased.

If there was a fire I would immediately leave of course, but if the fire was at both points of exit a fire extinguisher would help me have a chance to escape. I have lived in many apartments in my life, and some of those apartments had bars on the windows so just having a window is no guarantee of being able to escape. For people who live in apartments in high buildings, we don’t always have a fire escape so I want to increase my chances of living.

Even if I never use this I consider this a fine use of money. I wear a seat belt when I drive, I have insurance and try to take appropriate risks.

Once when I was a kid I had a chance to use a fire extinguisher on an old small wooden structure that caught on fire. While I was using it the fire department showed up, but I helped slow down the fire. I have had enough practice to know what the limits of this are, and they are very limited. Don’t think you can extinguish a burning hallway even with a large one of these.

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Be safe out there people!