Love this brand of Cast Iron pan

cast iron pan screenshot

I have tried many cast iron pans but by far the best is Victoria.

Lodge cast iron is just a waste of time. Other types of cast iron have enamel which makes it easier to clean. I like the many good qualities of cast iron but the most difficult downside is the cleaning. It is terrible for a lazy dishwasher like me.

At times the downside of using cast iron makes you want to just chuck it. This has been the easiest cast iron I have used and I have appreciated its good qualities. Yet after having the non-stick pans that I bought after this, I rarely use this pan. I used it today for a whole small chicken, but I could have just as easily used a non-stick pan. Why did I choose it? Habit really.

Would I buy cast iron again? Probably not after getting the wonderful non-stick pans that I have. I must admit that cast iron has some really great qualities, but this pan won’t survive the next move. It will be thrown away and I will never buy a cast iron pan again.

Does that make me a lazy cook and dishwasher probably? I would just like to ask if you had the choice between scraping something that is burnt onto a pan, and not scraping what would you choose? My tastes are not so refined that I need to create extra work for myself that frankly isn’t worth it.

Who does a cast iron pan appeal to? People who might have a campfire, or firepit, or go camping would do great to consider a cast iron pan. The rest of us, probably not. The weight and special cleaning requirements are just a thing of the past. I enjoyed the experience but I am ready to move on.

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