WFH companies are international!

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Diversity Comic
diversity comic

What is exciting when I work for a company that does WFH is that they are always international.

This is fun for two reasons. One you get to interact with all kinds of people. It keeps things interesting and exciting. It is more challenging than doing simple fixes all day like many jobs. Two you get to work with talented people from all over. It shows you that people’s perceptions of others are wrong and that you should consider each person as an individual.

This is a hard lesson to learn. We are taught the fears and bigotry of our communities and culture. We think that we understand life when all we have done is internalize what makes it easy to be successful in a small community of peers. We don’t know what it is like to work on a world stage until we have to be on one.

Now I am realizing that another reason that some managers/companies may not like WFH is that they don’t want to be international. They want to be in their insular communities and deal with people they feel are their tribe. I have seen this before in many companies. When companies are all white, or all something very few examples of diversity exist.

Interesting that I have had the experience of being a minority in a company. I felt the social pressure and I could understand why minorities feel uncomfortable when their peers are not included.

For example today I have talked to someone in Australia and China. I like that we can come together as a world and find productive people and ideas from all over. That can only help inclusion and appreciation for diversity.

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