We love being tricked and having plausible deniability

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We love being tricked and having plausible deniability.

We want to do things but we don’t want to have responsibility for them. The way we can accomplish this is to say that we didn’t know something, when in fact we did know it. It is so hypocritical and selfish.

There is overwhelming evidence this is true. People claim they didn’t know in relationships, politics, job, humor and say that they were mislead. No one is mislead they got exactly what they wanted.

Now be very clear I am not blaming the victim here. I don’t agree that people deserve to be disrespected and lied to, and I would never advocate hurting someone else. However it is also true that often we are our own worst enemy and cause the very thing that we claim to hate.

For example, I had relationships in the past that were abusive to me. It was my responsibility for choosing them I take responsibility for that. At times we might think of ourselves as unworthy of something, and choose people in our lives that don’t help us. Hopefully we grow and don’t make those mistakes again.

In the same way we can let our politicians, job and humor hurt us. We can say we think it is funny, but deep down we know it is cruel and pointless. I don’t like any humor that hurts others and I don’t think that is ever funny. Humor can be a helpful thing, but when the intension is to sow division I don’t support it or the comedian.

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Listen we are all adults here. Maybe there are some kids reading this, good for you! but most of us have long been able to make healthy choices. So make them. Choose what is helpful to everyone, not just yourself.