We hurt ourselves each time we don’t think

What Bob thought outside the box.

It may sound obvious, but we hurt ourselves each time we don’t think.

I watched a documentary yesterday that explained the kinds of sugar in jams/jellies and why they were bad for you. I watched a documentary about foods that had gross ingredients and I didn’t want to eat any of them again. I didn’t really eat them to start with, but just another reason to avoid them.

What Bob thought outside the box.
What Bob thought outside the box.

Each day we are given choices between what is easy and what is helpful and healthy for us. We can, for example, go to the doctor when we get sick and hopefully get wise advice. Or we can watch people on TV who promise miracle cures with no scientific basis and that it is easy and they are safe. We can rely on celebrities to inform our views about health, or we can learn about how to take care of ourselves.

There is a famous quote that goes that everyone has the choice between the truth and laziness. I see that so common and growing more common. I see people with opinions online that are so ignorant, a simple Google search could help them understand. Why don’t they search for confirmation of what they believe? It is easy. They need to believe that, to maintain the world and beliefs they live in.

Long ago I stopped thinking it was my job to correct others’ misunderstandings. People can believe whatever they want, and have illogical reasons for it. At times I try to explore why people believe as they do, and sometimes people do consider their beliefs. However, most people just want to defend their beliefs. I admit that my beliefs may be false. If someone wants to have a sincere discussion with me with facts from authoritative sources, I welcome it.

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We don’t have to punish people who are ignorant they punish themselves. Even people who think they know more than doctors.