We are such fickle creatures

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I was thinking today that I am so glad the sun came out. It has been dark lately and not possible to get solar power. Today the solar generator is doing great, and it is exciting to back conserving power.

Why is this fickle? I grew up in the desert and the sun was oppressive. I didn’t hate the sun, but it wasn’t my friend. Now with a solar generator, the sun has become my friend and now I want it to shine.

I realized how fickle this was. If I didn’t have a solar generator I’d be thrilled for sunless days. However everyone needs different things in regard to the weather, so no one’s weather is going to please everyone.

For example, when it rains then car washing places close up. However, if it is always sunny then It is hard for everyone who works outside for a living. When it is overcast solar generation doesn’t work, and when it is windy it is hard for people on roofs, ladders, and so on to do their jobs safely.

We really want things that we don’t know will be helpful to use or not. Sunny roads are safer to drive on than wet, but roads can get so hot that they damage the road and tires and cause accidents. Rainy weather and storms wash roads and culverts so that they don’t get clogged.

Rather than list the permutations of weather, perhaps it is more helpful to consider that often our desires conflict and we change them at a whim. How can we be happy when what we want is constantly changing? I shared before how I wanted certain cars at certain points of my life since I thought I would enjoy what they offer. Now I don’t want cars at all and that might change in the future. If our happiness is dependent on getting what we want, we will always be unhappy.

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Therefore we should consider if what we have gotten in the past has made us happy. If it didn’t, then we should be cautious about wanting new things.