Save money by buying a solar generator

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We all are looking to find ways to save money. If you haven’t bought a solar generator, you might want to buy one now.

Why? It is simple. Most electrical providers charge cheaper fees for “off-peak” use. Having a solar generator allows you to store cheaper “off-peak” energy and then use it during the day.

For example, in the state where I live the “off-peak” cost is a fraction of the main daily cost. It is average for most families to spend at least $300 a month on electricity. Let’s say you buy a $3500 solar generator that allows you to run your apartment/home with it. During the day you let it run, and at night you plug it in to charge. The next month let’s be conservative and say your bill is $150 or half. How long will it take to pay for itself? It will take about 23 months, let’s round it up to 24.

So in two years, you can pay for the cost of the solar generator. Not only that, but if the power goes out you will have a backup. The power has gone out for me. It also protects your electronics as a surge suppressor does. If you live in an apartment, it gives you additional protection from any other power issues that may happen.

After two years, the solar generator starts making you money. It directly helps your bottom line, and lets you get some experience, and possibly you might use it in ways you don’t realize. You might choose to take it camping with you or let a friend/relative borrow it who has lost power. You have all kinds of options. Don’t forget the peace of mind when you know that you have electricity no matter what happens to the power.

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I love my solar generator and I feel so lucky to be able to have one.