We are one human family

Disturbed Photo

You may like to think that we are separate, but we are not and the sooner people realize that the happier everyone will be.

The above video shows David trying to comfort a young child who is attending the show with her parents. Just by talking to her, he says some of the most incredible things about humanity and how we all are one. It is one of the best speeches that I have ever heard. It is sincere and you can tell that he lives that with every bit of his behavior.

A recent poll shows that Democrats and Republicans share core values but distrust each other.  I can only infer from this that someone is benefitting from this division, and it is people who like the status quo.  The article said this:

Too often, Minson said, “We ascribe negative things to people we disagree with. We see them as an adversary that doesn’t want to be a partner. It’s very much about emotions and trust and largely divorced from actual differences.”

Then if we see people as an adversary and they believe in the same values, who is at fault? We are. Specifically, I am. Each person is an individual and we have to start treating others as individuals instead of these simplified categories others want us to believe to help themselves.

Throughout history, we have learned to let go of false ideas about minorities, women, and people who are different from us. Indeed our progress as a civilization has been marked by all of those people’s unique contributions that have increased the quality of life for all of us. We are a hypocrite if we say we hate blacks, but enjoy AC made possible by Mr. Fredrick Jones. By treating everyone with respect, we help society progress, and that not only affects our happiness but the happiness of the future.

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Is your contribution to the world to bring progress or to try to delay progress through hate and fear?