Women are happier as they age

what women want comic

This study it talks about women’s emotional health is better as they get older. Apparently, women have lots of stress about aging due to fears of being less attractive/healthy. Men don’t need a hot body, we need a good person to know.

Society pressure says that as women age they are less valuable. Well, that is clearly wrong. People become more valuable as they gain knowledge and wisdom, no matter what might happen to their bodies.

what women want comic
what women want comic

One of the saddest things in life is when people define themselves in a very narrow way. For example, using this study as an example, a woman might feel her value is in her health and attractiveness. We are way more than this. Everyone is worth more than their body or their thoughts. We all should give each other room to discover the beautiful discovery of who we are.

In one sense we are nothing and in another sense we are everything. The wisest women have helped me to understand that we are both unique and irreplaceable, and also we can identify with everyone. It takes trust in something I don’t know what it is, that allows us to view ourselves as more than just a collection of experiences. I am white, I am from a small town, but those don’t define me. When someone asks what country I live in, I say like the old philosophers I am a citizen of the world. I do not define myself by any ethnic group or belief system.

I am not trying to be difficult, I just feel limited in what society says is acceptable. So for me, my experience is that society hurts people more than it helps them. As a society whenever we judge others, we hurt them. I don’t seek to judge others. I seek to allow others to be who they are, and not value themselves because they may be easier to look at.

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Isn’t a person worth the respect of knowing them for who they are, and not a fantasy?