Water flossers have some hidden problems

water flosser screenshot

I have been using a water flosser for years and they have issues. I may have just solved many of them with my recent purchase.

One of the most significant issues water flossers have is keeping them clean. The bathroom is a terrible environment to keep things clean. If you put it on the sink it will get wet, the water from the shower/toilet gets in the air and covers the cleaning tip. Most water flossers require plugging them in and that creates a different set of issues, but it also means that it is a hassle to keep them on a surface. My sink is the only surface in the bathroom and it is too small to put a regular electric corded water flosser. In the past, I used portable water flossing machines, but those get dirty and are impossible to clean.

The reason they are impossible to clean is that they have many small gaps and when water gets inside those then it just doesn’t make sense to clean. It would require too much time and upkeep to try to steam clean or otherwise clean the gadget. I think this is part of the low cost of most portable water flossers. They are meant to be disposable since they don’t easily clean. Now the solution here is a device that I can put inside the cupboard and that protects it from any water exposure.

As you can see the device is fairly small. It makes it easy to travel with. It also expands and you can easily wash the bottom part. It is not so easy to wash the past portable water flossers I have used. This is the best of the bunch. The rest have lower ratings. The water jet is strong and I think it is fair for the money. I am not getting any financial incentive, just sharing what has helped me.

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