Water flossers have some hidden problems Part 2

water flosser screenshot

I wrote about the same issue Water flossers have some hidden problems before.

Why am I writing Part 2? Yesterday the water flosser that I wrote about in the above link broke. It worked for about two years of daily frequent use. I would brush my teeth 3 times a day using it. I got my money’s worth, but I wanted to share what I learned.

water flosser screenshot
water flosser screenshot

When I bought the one above I also bought a second one. I read that the reviewers said they broke and I liked the design and wanted to use it for a while. Immediately when it broke I just washed off the other one and took it out of its package and was ready to go. It was a pleasure using it. Now I expect this also to fail in about two years and by then I will have to find another water flosser. This is my third water flosser in about 6 years.

Cleaning them continues to be a challenge. I wash them off every time that I use them, but they are inherently dirty. It is difficult to get it moisture dry when you use it 3 times a day. I don’t like that moisture that can cause bacteria growth. I am still not sold on more expensive devices that claim to self-clean. I have used more expensive devices and I didn’t feel they were any more clean or powerful.

I don’t like the idea that dental care products are disposable, but that seems to be my experience. I have a problem spending hundreds of dollars for a water flosser and it isn’t more reliable than a cheaper one. There is some deception going on in this business since with the high costs and low reliability, someone is making a big profit. It isn’t going into the design and materials of the product.

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For me, the smaller portable water flossers are easier to clean and I tend to prefer simple things. Has anyone found something that is reliable, clean, and doesn’t cost a fortune?