Warm hat is wonderful

warm hat screenshot

I don’t like being cold. If you’re a regular reader you understand this. I bought a warm hat and it is wonderful.

This is the first time I’ve ever had this kind of hat. It really works well. I had been using a beenie that was insulated which was warm but didn’t quite cover my ears. Since I am bald that kind of makes a difference on cold days.

What I love about this hat is how well it works. I used it on a cold day and I was hot! I had to take it off to cool down. The materials are pretty good and it is soft. Compared to the beenie I used to use, that felt so cheap and poor. It is a dramatic step up.

When I wore this I wore for the first time my new Striker gloves, boots and this. So it was hard to tell what kept me the most warm. I was hot however and I had to start taking things off. That is progress. Below freezing and you have to remove items because you are too warm.

The only thing I lack from the Striker line is the bib overalls, but since I work in an office that might be overkill. It is tempting however to get them to see what would happen. My guess is that I couldn’t wear them because I’d be too hot. Right now with the insulated pants they work pretty well until it gets about 10 degrees or so. Then they start to cool. However since we haven’t had too many of those days, it has really been a non issue.

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I put the beenie in the emergency kit and the same with the old gloves. Compared to what I have now they are not good enough anymore. Isn’t it surprising how quickly we get used to nice things?