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Saving energy and sealing cold drafts with Alien tape

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I found a great way to save energy and seal cold drafts by using Alien tape. No, I am not getting benefits from sharing this.

In my apartment, it was not sealed and there were gaps in the doors, windows, and other areas. I have tried a variety of products to fix this. One of them detached so I won’t mention it here. Another failed to stay stuck to the metal window even when the surface and clean and dry. The Alien tape has worked great. I have put it all around the sides of my front door, and windows and my apartment has never been warmer.

It costs about $20 and for me, that was a no-brainer to try it. I don’t think it will stick to things like the advert claims. The negative reviews of it said it failed to hold up a 1lb object and other things that you might want to hang. However it can hold itself very well to every surface I put it on, and it has kept the drafts out. In addition, I use this to seal the gap when I put my solar panel outside and it works very well. I have it on both the top/bottom of the window and when the half-inch cable is poking through the hole that I cut, I don’t feel any draft. It has worked better than anything else I have tried.

I also like the fact that since it is clear it is easy to position to make sure that you get in the right place. I have tried many things like foam, metal tape, rubber, and other materials but this has been the most convenient and attractive. Since it is clear it blends in with the decor and I don’t even notice it now. If you live in an apartment and can’t use things like sealing foam but are getting drafts, this is a great alternative.

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