Warm gloves that you can use on a smartphone

warm gloves screenshot

I wanted some gloves that you can use on a smartphone without taking them off. After some searching these seemed like the best choice.

As you can see they are black but they had other colors that were out of stock at my size. I got the extra large size because unknown clothing companies often use a smaller than the US standard, and getting a standard US size is too small.

They arrived today and fit great. They can stretch so they easily fit my hand. I liked how they felt, and reviews said that it kept their hand warm even as cold as 40 degrees. That was fine because I have other gloves that I can wear over these.

Is there a downside? Some reviewers said that the webbing wears off quickly. If that is the case then I will try another brand. For the price, it was cheap enough to take a chance. At the very least they will keep a person’s hand warm and that is good enough for the price.

The material is pretty thin but it doesn’t use any advanced materials like Thinsulate or something. I think this is a missed opportunity. Probably they couldn’t afford to do it at this price point, but in the next version, I hope someone with more experience designs the product.

Is there anyone this wouldn’t work for? Well, they didn’t have a great sizing chart, so if you have never measured your hand before you might not know what size is best. I find that large works best for me but I bought an extra large for the reason I stated above. The size is perfect for me and it doesn’t feel like it is compressing my hand too hard. So that is a nice advantage when you size up from the size that you may need.

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