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Want to buy a game but its not ready yet to purchase

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I want to buy a game but according to the reviews it is not ready to purchase.

My link above is to a post that says Don’t trust internet reviews. I don’t trust them, but they have given me facts that I can’t argue with. The game that I want to play has mixed reviews and many people have asked for a refund on Steam. That is a sign that it isn’t ready.

Games Funny Comic
games funny comic

If we buy games that are incomplete and not what they claim to be, we only encourage publishers to have unrealistic schedules and expectations. In the marketing, we were all hopeful that it would be more of the game we love, but it is less of a game in many ways and I have watched many many review videos to come to this conclusion.

I know that if I bought it I would be unhappy with it. I have a friend who says that he seldom buys games when they are new. He waits until the bugs are worked out. I took his advice on this game and the first major bug was performance issues. Even on high-end machines, it was unacceptable performance. The company admitted that it had fallen short of what it wanted. It made many fans upset and felt cheated.

Publishers here is some real talk. If your game isn’t fun and playable, it isn’t worth the money. If it’s slow, it already has an 80% strike against it. Then to remove features that existed in a previous game is not progress, but regress. You can’t expect people to want to buy it when you do this.

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I will wait until the game reviewers say and show that the major issues are fixed. Until then, no holla no dolla.