Verizon wifi access point failure yesterday

Wireless Tech

I couldn’t believe it when my Verizon wifi access point failure happened yesterday. I had bought it a few years ago for hundreds of dollars and it failed. I was frustrated and angry about it.

Immediately I called Verizon and they said because it was a weekend and holiday they wouldn’t help me before Tuesday. Well that is a problem. As a consultant who depends on my internet connection I needed it to do work for my clients. I told them that this was not acceptable and got someone out today to help me. I was so grateful.

Wireless Tech
wireless tech

This doesn’t excuse Verizon. So you might be asking yourself, how are you able to post this if your Internet isn’t working? I am using my iPhone hotspot and it is a poor substitute. Yes it works, but I have used so much data that I am being throttled and the speed is barely adequate. In fact it is so slow that to get past the Cloudflare security check took me about 5 minutes. Using the internet is almost unusable with a slow connection.

The technical support I received last night from Verizon was laughable. First they had a robot asking me to reboot my router/WAP and then they transferred me to a human. I told him all the things that I had done, and he didn’t hear half of them. He asked me to do them again and I did with the same results. He didn’t remember what I told him, and after I sent him a picture he argued with me what the router was because he wasn’t familiar with that model. I took a picture of all the two pieces of equipment and said this is what I got and then he finally agreed with me. I thought the tech support was pathetic. He said the unit is broken and I had already come to that conclusion.

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If the guy doesn’t come by today I am going to call them back tomorrow and give them an earful. I pay almost $100 a month and this isn’t service. If I was late in paying my bill they would cut me off, but if they don’t provide service there is no consequence to them. I have learned that I am going to have a backup WAP so that I am not in this situation again. It really is unacceptable that something is such poor quality that even when I barely touch in in the years that I have owned it, that it fails. This wasn’t abuse but them choosing to go with the cheapest vendor.

Verizon has disappointed me for the last time. I am seriously considering switching to something else.