Stories from my past: if I dish it out…

slip on ice comic

In college, I met lots of people. One of my favorites was a friend named Nigel. He was a good guy who was going to be a Pharmacist. So he was smart. He also lived on my floor so I saw him often. One day we were walking back from the cafeteria with a large group of friends. Everyone had been teasing everyone else good-naturedly and I was probably teasing the most of all.

slip on ice comicWe had a contest to see who could run to the dorm the fastest. The problem was that there was a big slab of ice and I slipped and fell and slide quite a distance on the ice. I got up and I was ok but I was teased pretty well by everyone.

Nigel was watching me and teasing me himself. He made some pretty funny jokes and I laughed as hard as everyone else at my mistake.

When we got into the dorm Nigel asked me “Why did you laugh so hard when other people were making fun of you? ¬†Weren’t you upset about what they were saying?”

I said “No not at all. I did make myself look pretty silly and if I dish it out I better be able to take it.”

He agreed. The rest of the year he made fun of me even more in a good-natured way.

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