Verizon Fios alternatives not great where I live

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I did the research and the Verizon Fios fiber optic based alternatives are not great where I live.

First it turns out that Earthlink also offers fiber optic and surprisingly at a higher speed than Verizon. They have a 5 GB option for almost $200/month. That would be great for a business, but hard to justify for a residential place. Yet this also comes with lots of issues.

I read at multiple review sites that I trust that Earthlink has poor customer service and I have experienced this myself. I once was an Earthlink customer and I experienced the poor customer support as well. I also was asked to help someone from work who tried to be an Earthlink customer and it was a disaster. The equipment they were sent was new but out of date and their instructions were bizarre and contradictory. I told the coworker to choose a different ISP because I wouldn’t trust any company that sent out of date equipment and instructions that you couldn’t follow. He agreed with me.

So having had two experiences that were terrible with a company, I don’t wish to make it a third experience. The reviews were almost exclusively poor and I had no doubt they were honest. Therefore I won’t risk using them because they are probably worse than Verizon depending on my luck. I looked up Verizon and it had a similar poor rating. I think Verizon was 1.4 out of 5 being the best, and Earthlink was 1.3. Not a meaningful difference in my opinion.

The other two options Spectrum/RCN are similarly poorly experienced. The reviews on them are terrible. I have been a Spectrum customer and never again. I also dislike Frontier. I have never been an RCN customer but based on reviews, it doesn’t seem like it is a better option than Verizon. Really why is it so hard for ISP to do their job?

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Now there are a few companies that might do better but their website doesn’t show that they support my address. I will follow up with them today to see if they support my address. The two most promising are called Bway and Honest. Kinda gives me pause to call a company Honest, but perhaps they are. They certainty have stellar reviews online. I will let you know what they say and probably try one of them if it is an option for me. Their prices seem better than Verizon Fios.

There is always a better company for everything, you just have to do the research and try them out.