Using Slim SEO increased the number of pages Indexed by Google

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I mentioned before that Slim SEO was a great SEO plugin. It also has the benefit of increasing the number of pages indexed by Google Search Console.

google search console logoNo, I am not an affiliate or get any benefit from saying this. I am just sharing my experience. Once I enabled Slim SEO I got 40 more pages indexed by Google with no change to my process. I asked Google Search Console to manually index all pages it has crawled or discovered but not yet indexed. This is a bit of a time-consuming process to do them one by one, and you have a limit of only 10 per day. Therefore as I shared before it can take 5-7 days to update, and previous to having Slim SEO I might have 60 pages indexed. After activating Slim SEO I get 100 pages indexed in the same period.

This has enabled me to make rapid progress in seeing my pages get indexed. I still have hundreds more to go but this is the right direction. If this bores you just leave a comment below and I am sure that someone in my network can help you with this. It is tedious but it has to be done. Addressing Google Search Console issues is key to making your website successful.

The other things that help you get indexed by Google Search Console:

  • Original content
  • Long-form pieces
  • Creative things like poems/art/music things like that.

Google is working to limit AI and the SEO advantage it can have in speed and gaming the system. Stand out uniquely and give people reasons to trust you.

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