Used Google Generative AI today in search and it is terrible

google generative AI screenshot

I used Google Generative AI today in search and it is terrible.

I was looking for this: WordPress popular posts plugin using Google Analytics free and it gave me an advertisement. Even though I said free, the suggestions were for paid versions that had awful reviews.  It misunderstood both the intention and an easy one to figure out the price.

google generative AI screenshot
google generative AI screenshot

At least Google AI is as stupid as the MS AI is. Google knows it’s useless and had this at the top: Generative AI is experimental. Info quality may vary. That information was worse than a Google search.

For the last few days, I have been looking for a nice WordPress plugin that will show my most popular posts based on Google Analytics. I thought I found one but it required that I set up an API for it and it had two people using it. Not a ringing endorsement. I looked at code that could do this but I don’t want to maintain code separately from my theme. I have tried most of the popular popular post plugins and found them lacking. I refuse to use some of them since they install other plugins without consent and the reviews are not great.

Well, Google’s first attempt was disappointing at AI. No threat of Skynet yet.

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