I was wrong about Google Search Console

waldo scared

I was wrong about Google Search Console. I wrote a post earlier that 1:22 EST seemed like a good time for its “day” to reset and allow you to continue to submit URLs to request to be indexed. After more experience, it is 24 hours from your last submittal of URL content.

Today when I logged into Google Search Console I was thrilled. I had 70 new URLs/Posts added to the index. Google sees my work as valuable. That is always a nice feeling. It also can be a little frustrating when it can take 5-7 days on average for a new URL to be indexed. I log in every day, submit, and then hope that one day I will see the number of indexed articles grow.

Using GSC has given me a new appreciation for internal linking. It is neat to see how it knows the referring pages and pages it refers to as part of its indexing process. Having a rich network of links helps Google validate you have useful content. Or content that people are clicking on and finding helpful.

Now some SEO people say that all you need to do is submit a sitemap and Google will index your pages. That has not been my experience. I have done that in the past and Google still didn’t index things properly. Nothing is perfect but I think websites would pay for faster indexing. Many times we share things that are time sensitive and after it is shown on social media, it can drop off the radar for people. Social media I think has been more popular to let people show off what they are, rather than solving any important social issues.

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If knowing is half the battle, then using Google is the other half.