Update: A week with the Nightingale CXO

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I shared earlier about looking for a comfortable office chair.  After using this chair for the past week I love it even more than when I first got it.

When I got it, my lower back was in some pain from not having enough lumbar support. Now in the last week, I haven’t felt any discomfort other than my own occasional bad posture habits. Which is what I am going to share with you today.

After having a comfortable chair, I realize that some things that I did in the past to be comfortable worked against me. For example, I like to have my feet up. The problem with that however is that it causes your lower back to slouch and that puts the weight on the wrong areas. This last week I have been getting out of my habit of putting my feet up and it has been wonderful. I haven’t felt any of the leg discomfort or lower back discomfort that I felt in the past.

Another bad habit I have is sitting cross-legged in a chair.  I had chairs with wide seats and I can certainly do it in this chair but I researched it and it is not good for your health. It puts pressure on nerves and in just a few hours that can cause problems. It can also make your body asymmetrical and cause other issues.

These are the things that I am going to work on with my posture and sitting. I did these things to try to deal with uncomfortable cheap chairs in the past. It’s kind of crazy, isn’t it? We accept bad chairs because we don’t want to spend the money, but we spend the money and pain dealing with the issues with chiropractors and doctors. In some situations, we may not have a choice in what chairs to use.

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I once worked at a company that had terrible chairs. I seriously considered buying a chair for me and the entire IT department and shipping them in because I hated the chair so much. I got a better job offer and left before I did that, but at times you don’t have a choice of the kind of chair you have. In those cases, we can try to offer to buy a chair and hope you have a sympathetic boss.

I am not saying this chair is right for you, but I am 5’10 and average weight and it works great for me.