Uninstalling apps often the solution

usb comic

Getting a new laptop is a period of adjustment. You have to remove the things you don’t use, and customize it to the way you work.

I am still working on this with my new laptop. I thought I was pretty vanilla, but I find that I don’t like spyware, junk and things that cause errors. I am just cleaning house and fixed a problem by uninstalling several programs. I also tried to make a boot disk but it said I needed a drive larger than 32GB and my USB drive is only 16GB so it doesn’t work. Oh well.

I went to the windows store and it took awhile to update all of the apps that I have installed. I don’t want most of them. I understand that they are advertising but not everyone wants the junk that people sell. It would be nice with a new computer to have an option when you go through the setup procedure that says “Do you want junk on your system?” and you can say no and it removes it in the background after you login.

Another item that is still in process is a second AC cable. I like to have multiple cables just in case one gets damaged. I contacted the store after not finding it online and they had me fill out an order form/request and then I will probably pay another $150 if a forum post is to be believed. The power wattage is incredible at 240W so this isn’t a standard adapter. It is also a unique power adapter which I can understand given the high watts. That is a reasonable price for me since standard apple adapters used to be $129 and it wasn’t even the higher wattage.

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The stickers that came with it are removed and after uninstalling a few more programs I think it will be where I want it. With a 1TB drive I am not worried about running out of space I just don’t like junk that I won’t use on my drive.