Unconnecting with LinkedIn contacts who advocate hurting others

easy pill comic

I read a mean-spirited post yesterday in which someone had a sign on their lawn showing their political support. A person came up to it on a video camera intending to damage or remove the sign. The sign was hooked up to electricity and shocked the person who tried to touch it. The person ran off and everyone of that political persuasion in the comments loved it.

easy pill comic
easy pill comic

Now we can have a difference of opinion. We can even think badly of other people if we choose to. What we can not do is hurt others. Anything that shows or advocates violence is not acceptable.

I understand that as a society people have strong opinions of politics. I understand that change is not easy, and it can feel that your values are being attacked. I understand that for most people it is the economy and jobs that they want, and a critical analysis is not what people are interested in. Most people I think it is fair to say, think of themselves and don’t consider others.

With all that said, as a society what are we becoming? When do we stop hurting others just to say our own misguided opinion? None of us have the truth. We all only understand a small part of life. If we look at research and studies, we see things that are counter to our intuition. If we look at the vastness of nature, we see how little we understand. If we look at ourselves we barely understand our own motivations at times. How about being a little more humble and acknowledging this instead of acting like we know everything?

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As children, they think they understand and they are not shy to state their opinion. Usually parroted by their parents. As we grow up we learn that we know little if anything.

Can we all agree that hurting others is not kind or necessary and just makes you look like a jerk?