AI robots as companions in care homes?

nadine AI photo

That’s what this article says AI robots could play future role as companions in care homes

nadine AI photo
nadine AI photo

It talks about Nadine who got upgraded to Chat GPT-3. Yikes. How sad it is when we can’t even give people the dignity of a person to help them in their final days. I don’t want a robot to take care of me. I want a real person.

As you can see in the photo this is Nadine. How sad and creepy this looks to me. They are trying to target the 30-50ish range in a completely unrealistic way.

Sophia the AI doesn’t look much better. I don’t need a hot AI but these attempts are not putting anyone at ease. Can we just give it a synthetic look until it can be a Strong AI and capable of levels of Mr. Data?

How could a robot possibly have the compassion and understanding that a person who is in pain needs? How could we as a society think that giving a robot this job is a good idea? If we can’t take care of those who are older, what does that say about our values? Are we so morally bankrupt that we can’t care about anyone but ourselves?

I would love for a strong AI like Mr. Data to exist. We are not there yet. Until then, putting a human face on a machine is wrong and shouldn’t be done.

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